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Welcome to The L. Renee Way where believe that I am the missing element to every opportunity I encounter! The L. Renee Way brings my authentic flare to educating, inspiring, motivating and coaching the wonderful people that I encounter throughout my life! Everyone has a powerful story and purpose for that story in the world, but often the trials of life derail our dreams. I’ve been there and am thankful that I’ve lived through it and it is my purpose in life to help as many people that need encouragement, support and practical tools to apply to their every day lives that transforms!

My mission is to coach and inspire singles to avoid time wasting relationships and to pursue their dreams of a lasting, fulfilling relationship that is available NOW!

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Teaching is my super power! I have 20+ years of experience as an educator in the general and special education settings. I advocate for students and their families who have difficulties transitioning back into the general education setting after hospitalization due to mental health issues.

Teaching Credentials:


I am a lover of words and their infinite power! I have been writing my entire life and I co-authored the #1 Amazon Best Selling compilation Book Series called Delayed but Not Denied 3.




I am a transformational life coach where I help single, entrepreneurial women prepare for the lasting love they’ve been dreaming of and avoid time wasting relationships. I believe in the power of mentorship and the importance of being a guide for those that may have lost their way or who are getting in their own way when it comes to love.

My expertise as a love and relationship coach offers two ways to connect with me: F.O.C.A.S. Academy & Coaching Sessions

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F.O.C.A.S. Academy

This is my online learning community of committed adult singles where you can foster positive new relationships as well as access my E-Course: The Love Connection, Are You Ready for Love?. The course is a 21 day challenge where singles focus on three areas of personal development:

The L. Renee Way

Coaching Services

If your preference is to work with me individually I proudly offer a private coaching program called The L. Renee Way To Love where I offer:

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